5 Reasons

Why lowcodera?

A smarter choice than other SaaS platforms and better than out-of-the-box Power Apps

Powered by Microsoft
We recognize the importance of security and trust in choosing the right platform for your company.  The Microsoft Power Platform stands out as a strategic choice for organizations, offering a secure and IT-approved environment unlike many third-party tools. Our deep integration with the Power Platform allows you to fully utilize its extensive capabilities, ensuring robust, enterprise-level solutions that align with your existing Microsoft investments. 
Up to 70% faster outcomes
Unlock the potential of the Power Platform with lowcodera, reducing app development time by up to 70% and ensuring high-quality, affordable delivery.
End-to-End App Generation
Genaiera is a comprehensive engine that generates complete business apps from start to finish. By taking an outcome-first approach, Genaiera focuses on delivering apps that align with your specific business requirements, streamlining the entire app development process.
Empowering Everyone
With lowcodera, every employee can participate in digital transformation, not just IT staff. This accessibility promotes a culture of innovation and increases productivity.
Advanced Functionality & UX
The apps generated by Genaiera are not standard Power Apps. Leveraging our proprietary lowcodera component library, Genaiera incorporates advanced features and delivers exceptional user experiences not found in out-of-the-box Power Apps. From dynamic kanban boards to interactive dashboards, Genaiera takes your apps to the next level.