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Genaiera is the most powerful AI App generator for creating impactful business apps

AI Powered Wizard
A ground-breaking AI App Building Wizard to simplify ideation to production
Use Template Apps
Get going instantly with plug and play apps for a variety of use cases
Generate Everything
Powerful AI that instantly generates forms, views, dashboards and advanced visuals
Stunning User Experiences
Genaiera is built on top of the world class lowcodera component library
Customization Ease
Complete customization using Natural Language
Seamless Integration
Integration with 1000+ services via Power Automate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Genaiera is a ground-breaking generative AI app-creation platform designed to revolutionize the way Business Apps are developed on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Genaiera is a versatile platform created to serve a wide array of users across different roles and industries, aiming to democratize the app development process. Below are the key personas who can benefit from Genaiera:

  • Departmental Staff: Non-technical users can easily use and create applications to solve business issues or automate tedious tasks, thereby enhancing productivity without needing any coding skills
  • Business Analysts (BA) and Consultants: Genaiera enables rapid development of business solutions through prototypes that showcase the impact of process automation, helping visualize tangible benefits and aiding quicker decision-making with clients.
  • Innovation Teams: Ideal for driving internal innovation, Genaiera supports the organization of hackathons, rapid prototyping to enhance operations, and streamlining the digital transformation process, thereby fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Microsoft Partners and Pre-Sales Teams: They can use Genaiera for creating custom demos and interactive prototypes to showcase Microsoft solutions, tailored to prospective clients’ needs. The ability for rapid deployment means they can adapt demos quickly based on feedback or changing requirements.
  • Product Managers: Product managers can leverage Genaiera to quickly build and test Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to efficiently gauge market interest. It also facilitates teamwork efficiency and agile adaptation to market trends.

Genaiera leverages lowcodera’s proprietary AI Engine to infuse intelligence into every stage of the app development experience, from concept to deployment, dramatically reducing development time.

Genaiera offers Intelligent User Story Generation, Automated Data Modeling, Dynamic Sample Data Creation, Advanced Form Building, Instant Visualization Generation, and Seamless Integration with over 1000 external services.

No, Genaiera is designed to empower everyone in the organization, making app creation accessible to all, regardless of coding background.

With Genaiera, you can quickly turn ideas into fully functional apps through an intuitive wizard. Once an app is instantiated, it can be further refined and customized in Genaiera Studio.

Yes, Genaiera Studio offers extensive options for detailed optimization and customization, ensuring your app not only functions but excels

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