lowcodera Text Box

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lowcodera Text Box

The lowcodera text box is a component for editing, displaying, or entering plain text on forms to capture user names, phone numbers, email, and more.

Multiple Input Modes

Choose between text or numeric data input. With numeric data, the user is able to use toggle buttons to increment or decrement the number. Additionally, there is a password input mode which masks the data input.

Data validation

Display clear success and error message to your users through the validation properties. The messages can be conditionally applied using Power FX expressions.

Multiline text box

The text box component is capable of handling multiple lines of text with floating label that helps you to accept address, description, comments, feedback, and more.

Centralized font

Our component is integrated with the lowcodera master UI Assets component meaning it inherits font settings. This means all your input controls will have consistent font settings which are controlled centrally.


Aspects of the Textbox component like height and width can easily be customized through dragging or using the property inputs. The color of labels can be customized using the themes available.