lowcodera Card

Stunning UI

lowcodera Card

The lowcodera card component represents a common layout item in many modern design languages. This card component contains content and actions about a single subject and can work well on its own or within a Power Apps gallery. All properties on this card component support dynamic data binding.


Different variations are available within this component, such as having a card with an image, with just a header or both. Users even have the option to add clickable icons.

Data Source Freedom

Our card component allows users to host static data or add data from any Power Apps data source, such as Excel, SharePoint or Dataverse.


The card component offers much flexibility, allowing it to easily adapt to touch devices.

HTML Enabled

The card description property supports HTML allowing complete formatting and functional flexibility

Action Button

The entire card UI can be set up as a clickable action item, or specific action buttons can be added to cards.