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lowcodera Bar Chart

The lowcodera bar chart is a categorical chart which displays data using horizontal bars whose lengths vary according to their value. Typically used to compare different categories of data and is ideal for showing variations in the value of an item over time.


There are several variations of bar charts which are supported. Create a basic bar chart, grouped bar chart, stacked bar chart, 100% stacked bar chart, reversed bar chart, or a bar chart with markers.
variation 2
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Choose to bind the chart component to a static data collection or to any data source within your Power App e.g. SharePoint, Excel or Dataverse.


The bar chart allows you to plot multiple series in a single chart to compare different data sets. When hovering over an item, it focuses specifically on that and blurs out the rest.
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Customize all aspects of the chart appearance using our extensive set of properties. Change line, fill, gradient, background images & colors using custom colors or use one of the 10 professional out of the box color palettes. Or why not go for our stunning Dark Mode?! You can also choose to display and control the positioning of legends, titles and subtitles.


Our bar chart component scales gracefully across desktop, tablets as well as mobiles. Additionally, lowcodera provides a smooth interactive experience when changing datasets, loading dynamic data and interacting with the chart.
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Allow your users to download the chart as an SVG or PNG. Users can even download the underlying chart data in a CSV file.