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About the Platform

The basics covered.

lowcodera is an acceleration platform for creating state of the art Power Apps aligned to business use cases.  Our extensive component library and templates allow you to dramatically enhance your Power Apps by building more professional grade user experiences and bring the next level data visualization capability directly into your apps.

lowcodera is for Citizen Developers who want to create apps to solve their business challenges. We make building apps easier, faster and more powerful. Check out how lowcodera helps deliver solutions for Project Management, Agile Product Development and Strategy & Planning.

Currently there are approximately 25 components available, but this number is growing all the time as part of our evergreen roadmap.

Our components are designed to primarily work with Canvas Apps but are also supported in Model Driven apps via Canvas Pages.

Our components are available to download as PowerApps solution packages. You need an active subscription to lowcodera to be able to do this.

We frequently update our components and templates with new features and improvements in response to user feedback. See our changelog for all recent updates and versions of our product.

Yes, you can sign up to a free 14 day trial subscription to lowcodera through the main website.

We have various subscription plans aligned to the size of organization you work in. Our subscription prices are based on the amount of Power Apps you need to use lowcodera components in. See our pricing details page for more details.

Basic (email support) is included in all our offerings. Our Business and Enterprise subscriptions includes VIP support where our support team will offer enhanced support including conference calls.

Yes. As well as our component solution packages, lowcodera offers templates for various business application scenarios to help you get going even faster!


Information about how we license our product

You need a lowcodera App token for each of your Power Apps which make use of lowcodera components.

lowcodera App Tokens are unique keys which which can be generated from the lowcodera admin portal and allow Power Apps to render lowcodera components. The app token needs to be pasted into the “token” property of the lowcodera master UI component to activate the use of all lowcodera components within an app.

The number of App tokens you can generate depends on your lowcodera subscription. You can also purchase app token add-ons over and above your included subscription entitlement. See our pricing page for more details.

Yes. App tokens are tied to the expiry date of your lowcodera subscription.

As long as your app is assigned a valid lowcodera app token, the app can be consumed by unlimited users. Please note that you will still need to have any applicable Microsoft Power App licensing in place to cover your users.

You can generate a dev token and use this while you build and test your app in app studio. When running the app as an end user in Power Apps play mode, the components will not render unless a valid lowcodera App token is present for your specific Power App.

Yes, as long as your lowcodera App token is present, any user can run the app. Please note, you still need to make sure your users have the right Microsoft Power Apps licensing as this independent to lowcodera.

Yes! Find out more about our lowcodera developer plan

Data Security

You can trust us!

Yes. We are the world’s leading suppliers of components for Power Apps and develop our components to the highest possible quality and data security standards.  

When editing apps which include 3rd party code components, Microsoft displays a warning to make sure you trust the publisher of these components.


Information about partnership opportunities

Yes, please get in touch with us to find out more about our partnership opportunities. In particular, we have special subscription plans for partners who wish to build apps on behalf of their end customers.

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