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Made for a hybrid world

Facilitate strategic planning sessions where everyone can participate regardless of location.

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Check out how C-level execs, Enterprise Architects and Change Managers are using lowcodera for strategy & planning

SWOT Analysis

Move your business forward by capturing and collaborating on a plan for how you'll address weaknesses and threats, maximize strengths, and leverage the opportunities you've identified.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Visualize the relative cost and impact of different ideas, features, or products. Develop a shared understanding and alignment with your team on what’s most important.


Goal Setting

Keep focused on exactly what it is you want to accomplish by identifying what goals you want for your project to be successful.


Business Capability Modelling

Focus on your enterprise transformation by figuring out what your business is accomplishing right now and outlining what needs to be done to meet current and future challenges.


Strategic Roadmaps

Visually represent and easily communicate what you’re trying to achieve with a flexible and interactive roadmap.


KPI Dashboards

Let leadership teams track and manage the progress of their goals, KPIs, and projects with interactive dashboards

Focus on what matters

Drive your organization forward with impactful prioritization


Be Transparent

Visualize business goals and showcase your vision with beautiful roadmaps you can build in minutes.

Unlimited Extensibility

Keep things in sync with integrations to your favourite tools. Connect to a variety of apps and services, such as Jira, Azure DevOps, GitHub, and others.