Reimagining the way you create Power Apps.

Amazing UX

Making Power Apps Easy and Beautiful

Create great looking Power Apps in minutes!
Solve your pain points with our perfectly designed UI components.
Fresh, modern and cutting edge design
Plug and Play
Highly customizable

Stunning Visuals

Turn your Power Apps into a visual paradise

Highly interactive visualizations that can be embedded into PowerApps.
For the first time, data can be captured and analysed in one place.
Create pixel-perfect, interactive and dynamic dashboards.
Easy to deploy, simple to use.
Completely customizable

Get going quickly


With our vast library of templates and app starter kits, lowcodera will have you building killer apps faster than you ever could


Easy Administration


The lowcodera admin portal gives you everything you need to scale and manage your lowcode journey. Manage licenses, download templates, or plug into the lowcodera API for even more power!