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What is Power Apps Football?
Built to showcase the best of Power Apps, Power Apps Football Manager brings you a fun and authentic gaming experience that will test your football know-how and tactical nous. There are various competitive game modes with prizes.
What are the requirements to access?
You need to have an existing Microsoft 365 account that lets you run Power Apps. If your company is already using Power Apps, then you should be good to go!
How do I access the game?
Simply complete the Registration Form . You should receive an email within 10 minutes. Only access the game after you’ve received your confirmation email.
What is the Lowcode Cup?
Our inaugural competition is now open. Build and publish your team by 31st October 2022 to compete with players from all over the world.
How will the Lowcode Cup work?
The Lowcode Cup is a knockout tournament kicking off in the first week of November 2022

Build your team
Your team needs to have 11 players in it, including 1 goalkeeper. You must stay within the budget of €500m

Live Draw
A draw to pair up competing teams is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 1st November. Subsequent draws will also take place after each round.

Advanced Match Engine
Our match engine will simulate the matches to determine their outcomes. Our engine is built on advanced and complex algorithms, meaning collective team and individual attributes, as well formations, will have an impact on the outcome of games. You’ll be able to view your opposition and make changes to your formation before games, so think about things carefully.
Are there prizes?
Yes, we plan to have multiple competitions and prizes. The winner of the Lowcode Cup will be rewarded with a $100 amazon gift voucher