Order your Genaiera App as a Customisable Power App

Transform your AI-driven Genaiera app into a fully customizable Canvas app. Seamlessly retain the core functionalities and structure of your original app while opening the doors to the extensive customization capabilities of Canvas apps.

Genaiera to Canvas: Empower Your App, Your Way

For just $999 you get your Genaiera app converted into a fully standalone Canvas App solution which you can go onto to customise further. Pay once, own forever.

How it works

Step 1: Generate your App
Start from a template or use our intuitive AI Wizard to bring your app idea to life in minutes
Step 2: Customize in Genaiera Studio
Tailor your app to your specific needs using Genaiera Studio's powerful customization tools.
Step 3: Order and Confirm
When you're ready, click "Order This App" and review your details before submitting your order to our expert team.
Step 4: We Convert, You Relax
Our skilled technicians will convert your Genaiera app into a standalone canvas app, ensuring top-notch quality.
Step 5: Your App, Delivered!
Once your app passes our rigorous quality checks, we'll deliver it to you with easy download and installation instructions.