lowcodera Vertical Navigation Bar

Stunning UI

lowcodera Vertical Navigation Bar

Our vertical menu component instantly provides your Power Apps with a dynamic professional grade navigation solution. Define multi-level navigation items, customize the look and allow users to expand/collapse the menu to create a stunning user experience.

Amazing styles

Change background and font colors, adjust font sizes and add icons to your items. The lowcodera vertical menu offers rich apperance customization flexbility to meet your branding requirments.

Collapsed navigation bar

You have the ability to either collapse the vertical menu bar or have it open. The default width of this bar can also be amended if needed.

Image background

Make your menu pop! With the lowcodera vertical navigation bar it’s possible to have an image of your choice behind the text.

Custom actions with Power Fx

Decide to use the menu to fulfil navigation requirements or customize any menu item action with Power FX to do whatever you need.