lowcodera Strategic Roadmap

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lowcodera Strategic Roadmap

Our lowcodera strategic roadmap component brings stunning roadmapping capability directly into your Power Apps. The component is 100% interactive allowing you to present and make changes for your audience in real time.


There are several variations of strategic roadmap which are supported through the configurations of data and component properties: yearly strategic roadmap component, QTY strategic roadmap component and monthly strategic roadmap component.


Connect to any data source available in your app to display your roadmap data.

Time Views

Switch between showing your roadmap by year, quarter or month. Why not allow your users to choose by making these properties dynamic in your app?


Drag and drop your items around the roadmap for a natural and quick editing experience.

Milestones and Durations

Plot items with a duration or display them as milestones if they occur on the same day


Style your roadmap the way you want. Specify colors for your items and categories, use icons for milestones and adjust font sizes.