lowcodera session with MVP Dhruvin Shah

lowcodera session with MVP Dhruvin Shah

It was a privilege for lowcodera to headline season 2 of Dhruvin’s Dev Talk series. Over the course of 90 minutes, our CEO, Rahan Arif, gave Dhruvin the lowdown on all things lowcodera.

Dhruvin is a popular and well respected MVP in the Business Applications space, and feels that lowcodera is “game changing” for Power Apps development.

Watch the whole video below or use the links below to jump straight into specific sections.


Session Quick Links

00:00 Start

03:00 Intro of Rahan

04:29 What is lowcodera? How next Gen Power Apps can be created?

05:25 What is lowcodera?

07:00 lowcodera – Key Benefits

07:22 lowcodera UI Components

08:25 lowcodera Admin Portal with Started Kits

09:22 lowcodera Navigations

10:06 Some Real-Life Examples or End Outcome of next Gen Power Apps

10:50 Sales Dashboard in Power Apps using PCF Components

12:30 Real-time Data Refresh with lowcodera Chart Components

14:52 Responsive Power Apps with lowcodera Components

15:40 Download Charts

16:30 UI Components – Card Components

17:38 Superb Left Navigation

23:00 lowcodera UI Components

23:15 Button Components

24:37 Dropdown Components

26:26 Progress Bar Components

27:49 Textbox Components

29:00 Advanced UI Components

30:37 Horizontal Navigation Bar

31:36 Advanced Datetime Picker using PCF Components

32:39 Time picker in Power apps with PCF

33:33 Mobile Friendly Date Time Picker

34:32 lowcodera – PowerGrid Component

35:37 PCF Grid Component with Advanced Functionality

46:05 Conditional formatting in Power Grid PCF

47:48 Data Visualization Component

51:45 Easy to configure Visualization in PowerApps

51:40 Roadmap PCF Component in Power Apps

57:34 How can I get started with the lowcodera PCF Component?

58:25 Activate Trial for lowcodera

01:00:50 Create First Canvas App with lowcodera PCF Component

01:03:12 Generate Token

01:05:20 Create lowcodera Bar Chart

01:08:32 Generate lowcodera chart using Dynamic Data

01:12:13 Different formatting Properties

01:18:06 Configure Powerful PCF lowcodera grid in Canvas App

01:20:40 Supported Datasource with lowcodera Power Grid

01:21:54 Licensing for lowcodera

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