lowcodera Progress Bar

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lowcodera Progress Bar

The lowcodera progress bar component can be used to visualize the progress of a task or activity. The progress bar can also be used to inform users about the status of ongoing processes, such as loading an app, submitting a form, or saving updates.

Value and ranges

By default, the lowcodera progress bar starts from 0 and goes to a max value of 100. This may not be applicable for all scenarios, which is why we have exposed both minimum and maximum properties to help define the range, as well as the ability to set the value of the progress bar component

Label customization

A label representing the current value of the progress bar or any other data point can be rendered within the progress bar. Additionally, a description label is available to configure on the outside of the progress bar. Finally, it’s also possible to specify whether the percentage value shows on the progress bar.


Choose between a static background or bring your progress bar to life by using our background animation effect.


Aspects of the progress bar component like height and width can easily be customized through dragging or using the property inputs. The color of a progress bar can be customized using the themes available or by applying a custom color. There is also an option to switch between a striped or plain background.