lowcodera PowerGrid

Stunning UI

lowcodera PowerGrid

Introducing the most advanced and powerful datagrid in the world for Power Apps. Packed with features and customization options, the lowcodera PowerGrid takes presenting, interacting and editing your tabular data in Power Apps to a new level!

Excel like UX

The lowcodera PowerGrid delivers an excel like editing experience for your power Apps. Features like the fill handle allow users to quickly and intuitively edit data in bulk.

Dynamic Data

Connect your grid to any data source available to your app e.g. SharePoint, Dataverse, Excel.


The PowerGrid loads and displays data blazingly fast. Choose to preload your data or use our infinite scrolling to load more records intermittently.

Interactive Sort, Filter & Search

Your users will love how easy it is to slice and dice the data. They can use in-column search and filters, sort by column and even adjust column position by drag and drop. Additionally, there’s a dedicated filters pane which allows users to apply multiple filter conditions.

Conditional Formatting

Enhance the user experience by applying cell based formatting rules to give your users visual cues about the data.

Row and Column Grouping

Users can apply the interactive row grouping feature to group rows by a column. This feature supports multiple levels. It’s also possible to group columns which users can collapse or expand to reveal the data – very useful for intelligently saving real estate for larger datasets.

Data formatting

Specify data formatting for your columns e.g. decimal places or thousand separators. We also have advanced data formats to display things like ratings.


Choose from out of the box styles, including dark modes to change the appearance of your grid.