lowcodera Dropdown Menu

Stunning UI

lowcodera Dropdown Menu

The lowcodera drop down menu component immediately adds professional gloss to your Power App and provides a highly effective menu solution for various application use cases. With its elegant flyout menu, the component has built-in support for icons, various styles and themes.

Menu items with icons

Users tend to perceive visual information better than text. our dropdown menu component has built-in support to include an icon beside the text. Choose from over 1200 icons!

Icon-only dropdown button

You can make use of an icon-only dropdown button without text, useful for call to action scenarios

Popup menu

The popup menu is a toggleable container that holds a list of action items or custom content that will open or close when an item is hovered over.

Custom actions with Power Fx

Decide to use the menu to fulfil navigation requirements or customize any menu item action with Power FX to do whatever you need.