lowcodera Developer Plan

lowcodera is now available for FREE

We are excited to announce the availability of our new developer plan for lowcodera.

This completely free plan for lowcodera allows Citizen Developers anywhere to take advantage of the world’s most powerful extensibility library for Power Apps.

All components and features included in lowcodera commercial plans are available in the Developer Plan.

As an App maker, the lowcodera Developer Plan aims to allow you to learn, develop and experiment with lowcodera components in Power Apps Studio for as long as you wish. And whenever you’re ready to publish production ready apps, you can upgrade to a commercial subscription of the product.

Ask Us a Question

How long does the subscription last for?
The subscription will last forever as long as you are actively using lowcodera. Active usage is determined by generating dev tokens in the lowcodera admin portal. As long as you are generating tokens every 90 days, your subscription will continue to renew.
How do I sign up for the developer plan?
Use the registration page to sign-up to the lowcodera developer plan.
Are there any limitations?
Every feature is available, including all our components and app templates. You can build as many Power Apps in App Studio as you wish which incorporate lowcodera components. The only limitation is that there is only 1 app token included in this subscription. See our FAQ page for more info about App Tokens.
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