exigere Case Study

Transforming construction

lowcodera powers exigere's digital platform

An ecosystem of next generation Power Apps built on lowcodera

exigere provide best-in-class cost consultancy services to their clients and work across a range of construction sectors, including commercial offices, workspace, residential, health, science and education. Many of their clients are household names or FTSE companies, including Landsec, Anglo American, British Land and GPE.

As part of their ongoing digital transformation and building on their investments in Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, exigere wanted to develop a bespoke in-house digital platform. The aim was to automate and streamline the process of collating a complex construction dataset and significantly improve the customer experience around sharing value-added insights from the data.

An ecosystem of Power Apps built on lowcodera

lowcodera enabled exigere to rapidly accelerate the development of their Digital platform. This was achieved by building an an ecosystem of Power Apps incorporating advanced user experiences and functionality, such as rich interactive data visualizations.

“With lowcodera’s amazing array of add-on components for power Apps, we were able to deliver real-time collaborative data capture, digital benchmarking and automated insights, all integrated into one user experience. This was a real game changer for us, and more importantly for our clients.”

Harvesting 1,700 data points centrally and developing 25+ Power Apps has fundamentally changed exigere’s way of working. Their biggest innovation has been real-time digital benchmarking. With lowcodera, exigere were able to deliver a Project Insights app – a unified experience for project stakeholders to work across the data model and obtain insights seamlessly.

exigere now have an automated process of generating benchmarking rather than being manually sourced. Single projects can be compared on a stage-by-stage process in their lifecycle or can be compared to entirely different projects built over different timeframes.

30% reduction in Power App development time and costs
lowcodera accelerated development of Power Apps with plug and play components. Significant savings were realised through decreased effort in UX design and implementation, and ease of building visualization features directly into apps.
Enhanced customer experience
exigere’s ability to report digital dashboards in real-time has improved the client experience and how they work alongside other members of the design team.
One of the biggest benefits is being able to compare projects to similar schemes on a macro and micro level and communicating that visually on dashboards to help demystify what Exigere do.
Real-time costs
Projects are procured in different markets at different times but through their tender price index, Exigere can now instantly compare projects in real-time.
Informed insights and decision-making
Tacit knowledge is now easier to share within the organisation so exigere can upskill all staff in analysing and interpreting the data. With the ability to identify ‘out or range’ data exigere can inform clients and design teams early in the process of outliers that might affect scheme viability.