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Custom Apps on Power Platform

Elevate your Power Platform solutions with our game-changing app development ecosystem.

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Reimagining the way you create Power Apps.

The world's most advanced custom component library for unlocking highly usable and functional Power Apps

Amazing UX

Making Power Apps Easy and Beautiful

Create great looking Power Apps in minutes!
Connect to any data source
Fresh, modern and cutting edge design
Plug and Play
Highly customizable

Stunning Visuals

Turn your Power Apps into a visual paradise

Embed highly interactive visuals into PowerApps.
Data can be captured and analysed in one place.
Create pixel-perfect, dynamic dashboards.
Easy to deploy, simple to use.
Completely customizable

Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive component library  allow you to dramatically enhance your Power Apps by building more professional grade user experiences and bring the next level data visualization capability directly into your apps.

Currently there are approximately 25 components available, but this number is growing all the time as part of our evergreen roadmap.

Transform your AI-driven Genaiera app into a fully customizable Canvas app. Our conversion service offers seamless evolution to meet specific business and user demands.

How It Works:

  1. Creation in Genaiera: Begin by bringing your app idea to life in Genaiera. Utilize our AI-powered platform, Genaiera, to rapidly design and deploy your application without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Benefit from intelligent user story generation, automated data modeling, and instant visualization generation to set a solid foundation for your app.

  2. Transformation into Canvas App: Once you’re happy with your Genaiera app, Select “Order this App”. Our Team then takes over to convert it into a Canvas app. This process retains the core functionalities and structure of your original app while opening the doors to the extensive customization capabilities of Canvas apps.

  3. Customization at Your Fingertips: With your app now in Canvas format, dive into the details. Adjust the user interface, fine-tune the user experience, and integrate with a broader range of data sources and services. The Canvas environment supports deep customization, enabling you to refine every aspect of the app to align perfectly with your vision.

find out more about how to order your app

Yes! Please visit for comprehensive documentation for each component and how to use them.

Yes! We have a free Developer plan for non-production usage.  All components and features included in lowcodera commercial plans are available in the Developer Plan.

As an App maker, the lowcodera Developer Plan aims to allow you to learn, develop and experiment with lowcodera components in Power Apps Studio for as long as you wish. And whenever you’re ready to publish production ready apps, you can upgrade to a commercial Custom App Plan.