AI-Crafted Business Apps

Welcome to Genaiera

A generative AI platform that redefines the Power App development landscape. Empower people of all skill levels to create fully functional Business Applications with unprecedented ease and speed.


A No-Code AI Revolution

Welcome to the next-level in Enterprise Transformation, fully shaped by AI

From concept to creation: Your app ready in minutes.
Infinite Power
Every element of app building, shaped by advanced AI
A catalyst for digital transformation across the whole enterprise

Accelerate Development

Huge Savings

Power through expanding backlogs with our AI-driven platform and slash app development costs, enhance ROI and free up vital resources for other critical initiatives.


Tailored Transformation

AI-Powered Innovation

Harness our AI capabilities to create bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives, ensuring a transformative impact across the enterprise.

True Citizen Developement

No-Code Development

Democratize app development in your organization with Genaiera. Our intuitive, AI-driven app builder make complex app development accessible to all, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.


Effective Governance

Controlled & Secure

Genaiera streamlines governance by providing centralized control and oversight, ensuring every development meets your standards of compliance and security.

Product Features

App Building Wizard to simplify ideation to production
Advanced AI-Enhanced Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) Builder
Instant generation of Forms, Views and Screens using our AI-Driven UI Builder
Seamless Integration with 1000+ services via Power Automate
AI Generated, highly interactive visualizations
Pixel-perfect, interactive and dynamic dashboards.
Styling to match your organisations branding
Complete customisation using Natural Language

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