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Transforming Floris CRM with lowcodera


365 Cloud House are a dedicated Power Platform solutions provider based out of Netherlands. They provide a range of Power platform development and consultancy services for SMB customers in their region.

365 Cloud House have developed various solutions for Power Apps which they have productized. One of these apps is their comprehensive CRM solution, Floris. Built on the Power Platform and SharePoint,  Floris is a central platform for all disciplines, automating processes for everyone in sales and Service departments.

365 Cloud House decided to incorporate lowcodera components into their Floris Power App.


Within hours, 365 Cloud House were able to radically transform the user experience of Floris using lowcodera components.

Interactive user Experiences

One of the main areas this was achieved in was the ticketing functionality of the App. Previously this relied exclusively on a Power Apps gallery to list out all the tickets. With the lowcodera Swimlane component, a new layer of interactivity was added for users. “Now that tickets are also displayed in a dynamic Kanban Board, the whole lifecycle of these tickets can be better managed by users in an intuitive and more efficient way”, says Frans Kuylenburg, CEO at 365 Cloud House.

Integrated Data Insights

The second major area where the solution has been quickly elevated is in how it now provides integrated data visualizations directly surfaced in the app. Previously, the solution had a wider dependency on Power BI and SharePoint pages to deliver any insights to users.

“We now have an amazing data visualization engine room directly inside of our app. There is no disconnect in the user experience - the data is all real-time and we can incorporate any combination of visuals on a screen without limits. This is truly remarkable, and I was amazed at how easy and quickly I could do this across different parts of the app”

Protecting IP

As an ISV, Frans now has even greater commercial ambitions for Floris in the marketplace. One of the challenges and concerns he had previously was around the protection of IP for the solution. Technically, there is nothing stopping the Floris solution package from being imported across different Dataverse environments and being used. With the integration of lowcodera components into the app, 365 Cloud House now leverage the lowcodera tokenization infrastructure to secure the app and their IP.
Accelerated development of new features
Increased IP protection via lowcodera app tokenization infrastructure
Significantly enhanced and simplified user experiences across the app
Efficiency savings for users from new UX
Simplified solution stack